Together, Smart Cities and car drivers are now able to dynamically reduce driving emissions


Real-time metric
of real-life performance


Instant exploitation
of potentials for gain

CO2 NOx PM Emissions
Fuel Consumption
Electric Vehicle Battery Capacity
Maintenance Effects
Vehicle Control

on-board functions

Car Drivers

Smart City Compliance
Instant Guidance to Better Driving

Connected Vehicles

Smart City Compliance
Instant Guidance to Better Driving
Enriched Functions
Automatic GearBox Assistance

Autonomous Vehicles

Smart City Compliance
Enriched Functions
Efficiency Analyses

e-analysis services

Smart Cities

Real-time Record and Map of Real-Driving Emissions
Relevant City Rules based on Real-Driving Emissions
Positive Interaction with Car Drivers

Services Platforms

Specific Knowledge Extraction
High Value Added Services

Big Data Platforms

Ultra Insights of Vehicle Usages & User’s Preferences