Real-time metric
of real-life performance


referential knowledge

We introduce into our on-board device a referential knowledge that has been initially set through scientific physical measures with state-of-the-art equipment that we have embedded on a large range of brands of on-road vehicles (passenger cars, light duty vehicles, buses and coaches, trucks), powered via any type of energies (gasoline, diesel, NGV, biofuel, hydrogen and electricity).

This referential knowledge was created on millions of kilometers of driving in all traffic and road characteristics and weather conditions. It integrates real-life CO2 and pollutant emissions, engine operation and dynamic reactions of the vehicle, as well as driver’s behavior.

The validity of the whole system from creation, to capitalization and to incrementation of this referential knowledge has been established by the highest European authorities.



reality of use

We use our referential system to continuously create into the vehicle a qualifying information about the specific driver’s behavior as well as about the specific vehicle’s operation in the instant driving context.

The contextual usage can integrate the road geometry, the quality of adhesion to the road, weather conditions and traffic conditions, as well as the movements of the vehicle.



individual and collective knowledge

This embedded knowledge is at the service of the driver to continuously indicate all potentials for gain in terms of emissions, fuel consumption or vehicle control, and to help the driver to anticipating, optimizing and better controlling.

The anonymous reconciliation of individual information strengthens the collective, qualitative and quantitative knowledge about emissions of CO2 and pollutants, technologies, models, brands, equipment, conditions, usages, roads and driving behaviors.



digital value

We produce ultra insights at very high community value about the optimization of best practices, the vehicles’ usages, the automotive consumers’ preferences and the valuation of energy and environmental performance, for multiple applicative uses by professionals.



Any real-life result can be automatically certifiable on demand at any time.